Planned Preventative Maintenance

FDS Maintenance helps your system adhere to current Smoke Ventilation Regulations by providing Ventilation System Maintenance and an emergency call-out service for support.

Identifying and installing competent and compliant smoke control systems is only the start of creating a long-term and effective fire strategy.

Once chosen and installed, an ongoing maintenance programme will need to be established to ensure the system you have chosen will be effective in the worst-case scenario of a fire.

Failing to identify a maintenance plan can prove to be extremely costly in the long run. If fire safety systems are not maintained to an adequate level, the risk to the building and occupants’ lives could be fatal.

With the fire safety and smoke ventilation industry facing tighter regulations, failing to comply with building regulations may result in severe action if your systems are found to be inadequate.

Experienced Maintenance Teams

Fire safety and smoke control systems should be thoroughly checked and tested twice a year in order to remain compliant. During our inspections, FDS Maintenance’s expert teams carry out visual inspections whilst also ensuring the standard of the systems is functional and fully compliant.

When undergoing PPM contracts, our teams ensure that the life-saving systems are fully operational and working to the standards you would expect. the scheme offers you peace of mind and secure knowledge in the event of a fire, your systems will be functional in slowing the spread of fire and smoke.

Smoke Ventilation System Maintenance

FDS Maintenance helps ensure smoke ventilation systems adhere to current regulations by providing maintenance and an emergency call-out service for continual support and system functionality.

Our ongoing preventative maintenance support will extend the life of a system, reduce the likelihood of equipment and ensures total compliance with legislation.

Our smoke ventilation maintenance is not only comprehensive but also cost-effective ensuring optimum product performance. Should the worst happen, and equipment failure occurs our response and repair service is fast and efficient.

Ensure the performance of your Ventilation System with our Planned Prevantative Maintenance.


FDS Maintenance Services

We can offer full smoke ventilation system maintenance regardless of manufacturer or installer for open protocol systems including:

  • Natural Smoke Ventilation
  • Mechanical Smoke Ventilation
  • Car park ventilation systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Corridor environmental systems
  • Fully trained engineers
  • Technical support
  • 24-Hour emergency call-out
  • Service logbooks
  • Regular preventative maintenance

Experienced Smoke Ventilation Engineers

Our experienced engineers provide a quick and efficient Ventilation System Maintenance call out and repair service to building owners and operators. This gives you total peace of mind that your smoke ventilation system will protect life and property in the event of a fire.

Ensure your system is continually functioning with FDS Maintenace’s Planned Preventative Maintenance scheme and gain peace of mind that your system is ready for the worst-case scenario. 

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