Complete Care Plan

By their very nature, fire safety and smoke control systems are rarely activated, which means it can be very difficult to assess the condition they are in.

It could be the case that unrelated building work has accidentally damaged a component of the system and you would have no way of knowing. Something as small as paint covering a sensor or entering a delicate part of the system could mean the system will not work effectively when the time comes, and it is needed.

Ensure the performance of your Ventilation System with our Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Service and Maintenance

Scheduled service and maintenance should be carried out twice a year and include a full check of each part of the system to confirm it performs in line with the original fire safety strategy. In addition to this, at least once every 12 months the detectors should be checked to ensure they are clear. This will not only ensure it performs correctly during a fire but also reduce false alarms.

Checking the health of fire safety and smoke control systems can not only assist building owners with managing their annual budgets by replacing large, unexpected costs with small, regular and manageable payments but also ensures all legislative obligations are met.

Complete Care Plan

If you currently do not have a maintenance plan in place and would like to monitor the health of your systems and ensure they remain compliant, the FDS Maintenance Complete Care Plan is ideal for you.

By utilising the Complete Care Plan, you will be able to check the health of your systems and ensure they are working at their optimum performance levels. Our fourteen step procedure is extremely efficient, ensuring your systems receive the service levels they require, without you being tied into lengthy and expensive service plans.

Another major benefit of the Complete Care Plan is that we are able to replace any missing documentation that you may need in order to maintain your systems. As part of any routine system maintenance, you will be required to keep documentation containing details of the smoke ventilation system and the fire strategy for the building. As part of our service, if this information is not available, we are able to liaise with our specialist fire engineering consultancy and design team to develop all the information you require.

*The above service is only valid for open protocol systems. If you currently have a closed protocol system and wish to discuss switching to open protocol, please get in touch with one of our members of the Service & Maintenance team (01322 387411), who will be able to assist you.

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