About FDS Maintenance

FDS Maintenance offers full Ventilation System Maintenance on fire safety systems regardless of manufacturer or installer.

Part of the larger FDS Group, FDS Maintenance has emerged as a standalone company in the recent restructuring. It was decided that FDS Maintenance would be funnelled off from the other services offered such as contracting work and consultancy to better suit our client’s needs.

Whilst still sharing the same values and continued innovation as the FDS Group, we hope that these changes will make the service more streamlined and accessible ensuring developers and building owners have complete, expert support both during the build and throughout the life of the building.

Talk to one of our Service Team today and receive a tailored solution that suits the needs of your building, system and above all ensures maximum safety.

Ventilation System Maintenance

Our experienced engineers provide a quick and efficient Ventilation System Maintenance call out and repair service to building owners and operators. This gives you total peace of mind that your smoke control system will protect life and property in the event of a fire.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance service designed to extend the life of a system, reduce the likelihood of failure and maximise system performance. Our cost-effective range of services including planned preventative maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and our recently developed complete care plan, ensure that all legislative obligations are met in full.