How LPS 1014 benefits FDS Maintenance

With there being an increasing emphasis within the fire alarm and smoke detection industry for greater compliance with stringent regulations, the LPS 1014 is a certification demonstrating a company’s competence and quality of work.

Why does the LPS 1014 affect Maintenance?

As with many leading bodies, to get certified for the LPS 1014, there are many strict regulations which must be met in order to qualify. One extremely pertinent requirement is that the firm is required to maintain full control of the design, installation, commissioning and servicing process through a management system compliant with BS EN ISO 9001.

Therefore, firms certified with the LPS 1014 have successfully demonstrated their capability and competence in managing the systems following the contracting completion of the project.

This requirement is incorporated into the certification process to ensure that not only are systems and solutions being designed, installed, commissioned and serviced during the project duration but remain adherent to industry regulations through post-maintenance and servicing.

The continued servicing of systems and solutions’ primary focus is to ensure the system still adheres to guidelines and regulations post-completion yet remaining fully functional. This is to increase the building’s safety prospects in the event of a fire protecting the building and any individuals inside.

The second benefit to regular maintenance and servicing is the increased longevity of the system. Through this, it remains true to upholding the building’s safety and regulations, yet it ensures the costly efforts from the original system installation are not wasted and needed to be repeated.

How can FDS Maintenance help?

Belonging to the wider umbrella FDS Group, FDS Maintenance is the dedicated platform for ensuring that your installed fire safety systems are meeting industry regulations and providing maximum performance.

Having this dedicated business unit allows us to demonstrate our capability and resources for the maintenance and servicing of your fire alarm, smoke detection systems as well as smoke ventilation systems. As a result, the need to use separate service and maintenance suppliers for your fire alarm and smoke ventilation systems is negated.

This will save you both time and money in the long term, whilst also ensuring both the fire alarm and smoke ventilation systems on your property are correctly maintained. Alongside this, it enables us to capitalise our team into focusing on a common theme in all projects we undertake, ensuring systems are maintained and adhere to regulations ultimately providing safer building environments.

If having this unit was not enough of a demonstration, the certifications which we are currently procuring are a clear indication from leading industry bodies that we have the competency to ensure systems are remaining compliant to relevant stringent regulations.

Get in contact with FDS Maintenance today and discover how working with an LPS 1014 certified firm will improve the competency and quality of your system maintenance.

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