The Smoke Ventilation Servicing Process with FDS Maintenance

Maintaining smoke ventilation systems is essential for ensuring systems remain compliant to regulations and are fully functional in the emergency case scenario that it is needed. To receive a competent and efficient service, it is essential to understand the process FDS Maintenance undertakes during our servicing contracts.

Our servicing is broken down into three areas before, during and after visit work as documented below, to understand how we operate, the expectations you should have and why FDS Maintenance is a sensible option to ensure your systems continue to perform well.

What happens prior to a smoke ventilation servicing visit?

Before any service and maintenance work can be undertaken, it is imperative that we fully understand the requirement of the work. First and foremost, we will need to survey your site, a quote can then be prepared, and a subsequent visit can be scheduled.

The process:

  1. Site survey to determine the work that needs to be undertaken.
  2. Following the site survey, a summary of the system’s performance is needed.
  3. Maintenance schedule to be determined.
  4. A quote will then be produced, containing an itinerary of work and equipment schedule.

Once you are happy with the quote provided, the following will need to be confirmed before our team of engineers is sent to service your system:

  • Are there any fall protection systems on-site that remain in date and tagged?
  • Are you happy with the site-specific RAMs (Risk Assessments & Method statements)?

What is the process during the visit?

Just as each system differs, the process will often differ to provide the best servicing for your location. This can factor in the type of work being done and the system manufacturer. Here is an outline, however, of the standard process.

The Visit:

  • Upon arriving on-site, the engineer will confirm the work to be carried out.
  • Review the safety and access arrangements.
  • Access the control panel, checking for faults.
  • Specific checks depending on your system type*
  • Check ventilators, dampers, doors controllers, charger panels, Fan Panels, Fans and smoke curtains that may be installed and check the integrity of the fixed fusible link.
  • Check and log charging rates, battery life, fan motor currents/resistance/ drop load tests etc.
  • Time the opening and closing times and check if everything is weathertight.
  • The above is recorded and evidenced via the service report sheet.

*FDS Maintenance has the capability to work on a variety of different systems including Mechanical, Natural and Car Park. During the visit, our engineers will assess the different system which you have implemented and conduct specific checks accordingly.

What is the process post visit?

A completed job form will be sent to your office address and will include the following (and subsequent scenarios):

No further action required:

  1. Pass certificate.

A return visit to ensure the system is repaired and compliant:

  1. At-Risk certificate.
  2. Full system report and costs.
  3. Maintenance report and cost involved.
  4. Failure report and cost involved.

It is the responsible person’s duty to ensure this gets completed; systems that are ‘at risk’ or which have been ‘failed’ possess a large threat to occupants, shareholders, and the building should a fire occur. If systems do not function correctly or are at risk to not function when called upon, it could increase the chances of harm or risk to live during an emergency.

FDS Maintenance prides itself on having highly competent and trained teams who are devoted to ensuring the continual working of smoke ventilation systems. Having worked within the industry for nearly two decades, we have developed an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality servicing. Get in touch today to discuss your systems’ maintenance needs.

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